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Publications Axe 3 ACTI+

ACTI+ : Communication avec Actes dans un Congrès International organisé IEE, ACM ou IFIP ou IFAC


ACTI+ : Communication avec Actes dans un Congrès International organisé IEE, ACM ou IFIP ou IFAC


ACTI+-3-1 : O. DEVISE, J.P. VAUDELIN : Creating Organizational Reality : The Pivotal Role of Leadership ; IFAC-INCOM-2006 - Information Control Problems in Manufacturing, pp. 785-791 (2006).

ACTI+-3-2 : O. DEVISE, T. LEVY, J.P. VAUDELIN : Knowledge management and management of meaning ; 9th IFAC Symposium on Automated System Based on Human Skill and Knowledge, 12 pages (2006).

ACTI+-3-3 : S. DURIEUX-PARIS, J. L. PARIS : Robust manufacturing design using decision theory ; Proceeding of IEEE -International Conference on Services Systems and Services Management-, IEEE SSSM-06, Troyes, 25-27 Octobre, 6 pages, (2006).

ACTI+-3-4 : P. FENIES*, M. GOURGAND, N. TCHERNEV : Combined Performance Evaluation and Economic Analysis for Guided Path Layout Choice of Unit Load AGVS  ; International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management, IEEE conference, Troyes, 6 pages, (2006).

ACTI+-3-5 : P. FENIES*, M. GOURGAND, S. RODIER* : A decisional model for the performance evaluation of the logistic process : application to the hospital supply chain ; International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management, IEEE conference, Troyes, 7 pages, (2006).

ACTI+-3-6 : D. GIEN, S. ELKOSANTINI* : A Dynamic model for the behavior of an operator in a company ; in Proc. INCOM-06, 12th IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEEE/IMS Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing, Saint-Etienne, vol. 2, p. 187-192 (2006).

ACTI+-3-7 : M. COMELLI*, M. GOURGAND, D. LEMOINE* : A review of tactical planning models ;  IEEE/ICSSSM06, Troyes, 4 pages, (2006).

ACTI+-3-8 : S. DARMOUL*, S. HAJRI-GABOUJ, H. PIERREVAL : Scheduling Using Artificial Immune System Metaphors : A review ; Proc. of the IEEE International Conference on Service Systems Management, IEEE SSSM-06, Troyes, pp. 1150-1155, octobre (2006).

ACTI+-3-9 : A. DRIRA*, S. HAJRI-GABOUJ, H. PIERREVAL : Facility Layout problems : a literature analysis ; IFAC International Symposium INCOM : Control Problems in Manufacturing, Saint-Etienne, May 17-19, preprints, p. 389-400 and proceedings, Elsevier Ltd., Oxford, UK, p. 371-382 (2006).

ACTI+-3-10 : M. CHABROL, M. GOURGAND, S. RODIER* : A modeling methodology and its application to the design of decision-making aid tools for the hospital systems ; RCIS 2008, IEEE International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science, Marrakech, Juin, 7 pages (2008).

ACTI+-3-11 : A. DRIRA*, S. HAJRI-GABOUJ, H. PIERREVAL : Design of a constrained multi-rows layout in presence of uncertainty . proc. of the 4th IFAC Conference on Management and Control of Production and Logistics (MCPL), Sibiu - Romania, 27-30 September, CD ROM, 6 pages (2007).

ACTI+-3-12 : F. GHEZAIL*, S. HAJRI-GABOUJ, H. PIERREVAL : Scheduling graph for the analysis of the consequences of disruptions on schedules ; Proc. of the 4th IFAC Conference on Management and Control of Production and Logistics (MCPL), September 2007, Romania, CD ROM, 8 pages (2007).

ACTI+-3-13 : C. CAUX, S. DURIEUX, C. NGUYEN, B. VALET * : Using mathematical model for allocation of seedling in seed production : A case study ; 13th IFAC symposium on INformation COntrol Problems in Manufacturing, INCOM-09, 6 pages (2009).

ACTI+-3-14 : S. DURIEUX, P. GENIN, S. LAMOURI, A. LELIEVRE* : Optimisation of flexibility according to an efficiency criterion : The example of the infrastructures for the new Eurofarad industrial site ; 13th IFAC symposium on INformation COntrol Problems in Manufacturing, INCOM-09, 6 pages (2009).

ACTI+-3-15 : A.BACCOUCHE*, A.L. HUYET, H. PIERREVAL : Simulation Optimization in Uncertain Environments : an evolutionary approach ; IFAC-INCOM-09, 6 pages, (2009).

ACTI+-3-16 : A. ARAUZO-AZOFRA, K. GARCIA-HERNANDEZ, H. PIERREVAL, L. SALAS-MORERA : Encoding Structures and Operators Used in Facility Layout Problems with Genetic Algorithms ; proc. Ninth International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, IEEE Press, pp. 43-48, (2009).

ACTI+-3-17 : J. KLEIJNEN, H. PIERREVAL : When is the design of a manufacturing system acceptable in the presence of uncertainty ? ; invited conference, International Conference Computers in Industrial Engineering, Troyes, Actes CD ROM, pp. 702-707, IEEE Explore, July (2009).







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